Terms of Service

Read the below-mentioned terms prior to availing our services.

ResumeChum provides a mutual platform for both customers and clients to deliver and receive resume/CV writing services. When you place an order or proceed with our services in any way, it will be considered as your agreement with our terms and conditions. It would suggest that you have read and agreed to our terms and conditions. Lest you disagree with any of our term or policy, please do not proceed with the usage of our services.

Settlement on our Terms

On this very platform, you can avail our resume writing services only if you accept our terms and conditions and any relevant policy, procedure, or operating rules. If you plan to proceed with order placement or payment, you agree to every condition that is mentioned on this site. Our terms govern your navigation, service purchase, or activity around ResumeChum. When you buy our services, you agree to all our terms and conditions. We can update our policies and terms without informing you, so keep checking this page.

The usage of words like ‘using’ or ‘use’ on this page refers to the direct or indirect access to our site, with or without the help of a device. It also refers to the transmission, communication, exchange, or reception of the data with or from ResumeChum.

If you take any benefit or advantage, utilize the services in any way, interact with the features, services, or functions of any kind, it will be considered your agreement with our terms. Unless you state it or refer to it otherwise, our terms will be applicable to any new service we introduce, or any policy we pass, in accordance with the current services.

About Services

ResumeChum is a medium where we provide freelance CV/ resume writing services. Resumes and CVs that we compose are of high standard and quality. We ensure timely delivery of the orders to the clients and timely payments to the writers as per schedule. We make the best efforts to meet the requirements of the clients by providing the best turnaround time, 100% original content, and skilled writers suitable for the job.

Skilled professionals are encouraged to apply for the writers’ job while clients looking for the services can choose the writer as per their need. We highly appreciate unique talent and disallow poor writers to continue with us. Our writers undergo a strict testing process; only by passing the test can the writer be considered eligible. Our customers can rate the writers based on their performance while writing the resume/CV.

Order Processing

We urge every client to provide a valid and working email ID. If you do not provide a valid email ID, you will be indicted for violating our company policy, and we may not process your order. Providing the correct email ID is important so that we can reach you anytime and update you regarding your order status.

Order Assigning

There are no charges for the order placement process. After an order is placed, the best person available will be assigned to your resume. We make sure that we chose a writer who has knowledge about your field of expertise. The assigned writer starts working on the project once we have received full payment as we charge upfront according to our policy.

Communication with the Writer

ResumeChum provides a smooth and secure messaging platform for efficient communication between the clients and writers. We also allow writers and clients to communicate directly via email. In case of any bug or glitch, you can contact our customer support; he/she will notify the assigned writer about the instructions. For fast and effectual communication, it is advised for both clients and writers to check their messages on a daily basis. Also, clients are required to answer all the queries in order to get the tasks done on time by using the interactive features available on the system. We request you to avoid sharing any personal information without notifying ResumeChum.

Tracking the Order

Once the customer places the order, an order ID is created. Both the writer and client can track the status of the order with this order ID.

Below are some possibilities of the order status:

  • Under Process - When the client submits the full payment, the assigned writer starts working on the project. The first submission has been made but the client asks for a revision.
  • Review Your File – The writer has submitted the file on client review. The writer will not get order payment until the client accepts the submission.
  • Completed – Payment is released to the writer, once the client approves the final revised documents delivered by the assigned writer.
  • Being Revised - The file is under revision. During the revision phase by the client, no payment is made to the writer.
  • Canceled – We do not release the payment if the task has been cancelled from the writer’s side or the client decided to cancel the order.

Copyright and Delivery

All deliveries will be made on weekdays only. ResumeChum will not be liable for any type of delivery issue counting those resulting from any of the client’s service providers like email, internet, etc, failure of the client to download the product or which are past our control. Our support team is 24/7 available to assist you with any delivery glitches.

We transfer complete copyright authority to the clients. After the order is delivered, our writers do not take ownership of it. If it occurs to you that the writer is trying to provide copied material, or the content is not original, then you may reject the order. In any such case, we will conduct a full investigation and withhold the payment of the writer.

Our Revision Policy

Our top priority is to provide 100% customer satisfaction and unlimited revisions to our valuable clients. If you are not satisfied with the final resume document delivered to you, you can request as many revisions as you want. The extra revisions would be free without any hidden charges. For the revision process, you need to send an email with all the specifications regarding the modification you want in the final document. You can also click the “Request Revision” button on our site and provide us with the instructions for the changes in the content or designing. The revision will be made according to your requirements.

We have a specific time frame for each revision, as stated below:

  • 1st Revision – a minimum time of 24 hours (Weekdays only).
  • 2nd Revision – a minimum time of 48 hours (Weekdays only).
  • 3rd and Further Revisions - a minimum time of 72 hours (Weekdays only).

The revision time may vary according to the revision instructions provided by you. If the modifications are minor, then it can take a minimum of 24 hours. On the other hand, if the changes are complex, the minimum time will be notified to you. We request clients to provide detailed and clear instructions to avoid any revisions. In addition to that, writers are requested to follow the guidelines and provide the resume as per requirements.

Every time a revision has been requested, we tally the initial guidelines with the final document and with revision comments. If the comments are legitimate, then a free revision is provided. However, if the comments do not match the initial guidelines or the client is asking for an additional task, then he has to pay a cost for the adjustments.

Urgent Revisions: In case you request for an urgent revision, then there are some charges that you will have to pay as the relevant writer might not be available at that moment.

Refund Policy

In case of any queries or dissatisfaction with the service, content, or the terms & conditions, contact our support department immediately. According to our policy, if the customer has not been hired or has not received any calls within 45 days of getting the final resume via the site, we will refund the full amount. ResumeChum’s team ensures to provide unlimited revisions for you to get hired as customer success is our sincere desire.

No refund requests are entertained before 45 days from the delivery of the final document or after 90 days from the delivery of your final resume.

As all the writers put effort and time to provide you with highly professional resumes, we have a policy of unlimited revisions. If you are still unemployed after 45 days of receiving the final revised document and distributing it, we will refund you a full amount. You are eligible to get a refund under the following terms and conditions:

  • We would require proof that you have made a solemn effort to get a job and did your best in the interview. The proof should clearly show your emails in which you distributed your resume to at least 30 companies. You can also view our resume distribution guidelines here.
  • Make sure the resume you sent to us for the refund must have made through our portal, i.e. ResumeChum.com

Service Use

If you opt to use our services, you are hereby confirming that the details provided by you are accurate and valid. In case of any recent changes, you will have to update ResumeChum about them and that you will not hide the changes because of ill-intentions.

By using our services, you are affirming that you have reached the legal age and that you are allowed, by the law of your state, to make online purchases. You also admit that your country laws do not stop you from making online purchases or that it is not considered illegal. If ResumeChum finds out that the information provided by you is incomplete, invalid, or inaccurate, then we hold the authority to cancel or reject your order request, without making any refunds. If we find out from any other source that your account has fake information, then we can suspend or block your account permanently until or unless you feed us with the genuine information along with an explanation.

Payment System

ResumeChum does not charge the clients for order placement process. However, we charge you for the resume service package you avail. At ResumeChum, we have a strict policy of upfront payment. The client has to pay the full amount through our secure payment gateway. We do not entertain any late payments or installment requests. Once the payment and complete guidelines have been provided, the assigned writer starts working on your resume.

Lawful Use or Conduct

When getting our services, the customer provides his consent that he/she is using our services in accordance with the local laws, state, national, international, regulations. The customer takes full responsibility for the actions and that he/she is completely aware of the steps. He/She is accountable for all communication made with the service provider and that the customer has no wrong intentions of using our services.


ResumeChum services are provided on the basis of “as is” deprived of any express or implied guarantee of any kind together with guarantees, non-infringement of intellectual property or of merchantability. ResumeChum will not be held responsible for any damages caused to the client in terms of loss of property, loss of data, slow service flow, business interruption, without any limitation. If the client is not capable of handling the situation or using the material and devices, ResumeChum is not to be held accountable for the actions of the client. ResumeChum will also not take responsibility if any third party user accesses his files and information due to the client’s negligence. We have secure servers and environment and are not to be accused of damaging any client’s data. If the client faces any damage to his system through viruses (Trojan horse or cyber bugs, etc.) that can transfer the files or information to other systems, ResumeChum will not be responsible. Similarly, if the client experiences error in saving files or damage to the information (emails, files, transmitted data, etc.) that was willingly shared with ResumeChum, the company bears no responsibility.